Dan & Simone - Wedding

I couldn't resist making this wedding day my first blog post - because the suave groom is my brother!

So the wedding was held at Poet's Lane in the Dandenong Ranges, I couldn't hold in the excitement! This location is STUNNING! The photo opportunities around the venue are endless, surrounded by towering mountain ash trees and lush greenery it's a photographers dream come true!

Dan (Damage) and his beautiful bride Simone spent the morning around their hometown on the Mornington Peninsula, this gave me an opportunity to capture their portraits using the available natural light from the house windows, everyone was pretty chilled so thankfully the photos turned out fantastic - cheers guys! At the end of the day, just before the light faded we spent some time amongst the antique lanterns around the venue.. it was a magical ending to an unforgettable day.

congratulations guys!