Lake Matheson & Gillespies Beach

July 29, 2014  •  1 Comment

What brought me to Fox Glacier other than wanting to photograph Lake Matheson was the FREE campsite at Gillespies Beach. There's shelter, toilet facilities and views of the Southern Alps from the campground! The beach itself is amazing, there's smooth pebbles and scattered driftwood as far as the eye can see.

Before I went to Gilliespies Beach I checked into one of the hostels in Fox Glacier for a night to charge my batteries, relax under a hot shower (it is mighty cold here!) and prepare some food for the next few days. While I was checking out I met a lady named Anne that does volunteer work for the owner of the hostel, after introducing myself and telling her a little about my travels she kindly invited me back to her home for some tea, so I packed my things and hit the road! She lives just outside Fox Glacier, with views of Mount Cook from almost every window. We talked about local photographers and a little about the history of Gilliespies Beach, which used to be a small town for workers many years ago. Before I left she insisted I take some fruit and veggies from her garden, she also gave me a bluestone from her personal collection! I got real buzz from this experience, I felt so much appreciation for her kind nature and generosity.
There was no spectacular light show during the twilight hours but hey.. I'm not complaining! The clear dawn mixed with fog and reflections at Lake Matheson was as good as gold and the clear blue skies at Gillespies Baech worked well with the blue pebbles. So I'm a happy camper!
Enjoy the photos!
Gillespies Beach campground at dawn. You can see my red van at the back.
Me on the shore of Gillespies Beach at sunset.  
One of the many pieces of driftwood scattered along the shore of Gillespies Beach at dusk.
Some of the locals I met before leaving Gillespies Beach.
The Lake Matheson Cafe, good food & coffee.. well priced too!
Fog creeps into Lake Matheson as a clear dawn breaks over New Zealand's Southern Alps.

Dan & Simone

March 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I couldn't resist making this wedding day my first blog post, it may not be a recent occasion but it is one that means something to me (because the handsome groom is my brother!).

The wedding was held at Poet's Lane in the Dandenong Ranges, personally I couldn't have picked a better location myself, the photo opportunities around the venue were endless, surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees there was something to shoot everywhere I looked.

Dan (or 'Damage') and his beautiful bride Simone (or 'Simmy') spent the morning at home on the Mornington Peninsula, this gave me the opportunity to capture a few nice portraits using the available light from the bedroom windows, everyone was relaxed (except Dan) so naturally the photos turned out great - thanks guys! At the end of the day, just before the light faded we spent some time amongst the antique lanterns in the magical lane way at the venue.. it was an incredible ending to an unforgettable day.

once again.. congratulations Dan & Sim!




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