If you’re reading this it’s because you want to know a little bit about this photographer.

My name is Nick Skinner. I became interested in photography as a hobby whilst completing my chef apprenticeship. It was never anything serious. I started with a cheap point-and-shoot Sony digital camera and I would experiment with basic editing software in my spare time for fun.

When I finished my apprenticeship and became a qualified chef, I devoted a little more time and energy to my budding interest. The result was a Canon 5D MK II to replace my battered and bruised Sony. I still have it (and I’m still a chef!).

The results were immediate. I was hooked. The clarity, color and depth of field were things I had never been able to manipulate before. The varied images and shots I could capture were without number and I rapidly started learning what I could do with my new-found toy. I was like a kid in a candy shop! I was spurred on even further as friends, family and co-workers started to take notice of what I was producing. I was happy with my work but seeing the way it affected those around me was as shocking as it was flattering. I was really able to evoke emotion with a single image! The realization was a powerful one, so, with a fresh wave of encouragement behind me, I devoted more and more time to studying my craft and exploring Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula (where I live) for possible shoots. With a few new lenses and filters I continued to hone my skills and experiment with prolonged exposures. Slowly, a unique style started to manifest itself from my work……and it hasn’t stopped. I am still learning as you read this and I hope it never stops.

Vincent Versace once said, “You can capture motion with stillness and, in that moment, hold time still, yet experience the feeling of its passing.” I try to embody the spirit of his words with every shot I take. I believe his philosophy loans itself well to landscapes and seascapes and that’s what I primarily shoot. However, thanks to social networking, enthusiastic file sharing, and a lot of hard work (thanks guys), I’ve been gifted the opportunity to experiment in a range of other genres over the last 6 months and the results are exciting!

Weddings, social functions, bands, portraits, families, babies, pets, cars – I shoot them all. Due diligence is given to all the finer points of every shoot – no matter what the genre. So please, have a look and see for yourself and if you like it, give me a call.

Thanks for reading my bio. Happy trails to you and your own.